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Project Context and Objectives

Film Production Context and Objectives

Research | Write Script

A Various shots of captivating film visuals, diverse individuals working behind the scenes, and captivating moments from different video projects in any form commercials, documentaries, and other forms of visual media.

By Write Script crafting engaging narratives, they evoke emotions and forge connections, making your story resonate with viewers.

Our Process

Film Production plan of action and time frame

Plan Of Action | Time Frame

Initial Meeting, The film production team strives to gain clarity about the client's vision, objectives, and the target audience. They aim to develop a film synopsis that will serve as the foundation for the project.

Time Frame is depends on Project Duration


Writing the script and creating a shortlist marks the foundation of the film's artistic journey. 
The careful preparation of the production document sets the stage for a smooth and successful production.Covering documents shooting schedules, budget, allocation etc.

What We Do


Principle of conducting filming according to a meticulously planned shot list, capturing authentic moments on real locations.

Capturing high-quality videos, stills, and sounds, artistic vision with combination of technical expertise


Mixing Sound elements and visual effects in a way that supports and enhances the story, evokes emotions, and captivates the audience.
Editing the rough cut of the film to iron out details.
Video rendering and achieving a visually stunning final product.

Advertisement film production info

Ad Film

A brand name is vital for customer satisfaction and loyalty...

Event film production

Event Film

DRDS films Capture and document public events for your occasions...

Image FIlm Production

Image Film

One of the key advantages of our Image films is their flexibility.

Trade film production

Trade Film

Trade films are a powerful tool for capturing the attention of industry...

Corporate film production and recruitment video


A recruitment video is a powerful tool for showcasing your company's culture...

Product video for films

Product Video

The importance of visually representing your products in a compelling...

Sports Video

Sport video films can also serve as valuable resources for athletes...

Music video production

Music Video

The importance of visually representing your music in a way that resonates...

Short movie and film production

Short Film

DRDS Films production company, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities...

Documentaries and documented film production


Documentary films have the power to educate, raise awareness, and spark... 

3D Artist
Robin Gijwal

Meet the Team

Sahil Verma CEO and Founder DRDS Film Production
Sahil Devraj Verma
CEO & Founder
    Krishnanunni Jithendra Kumar, DRDS Film Production
    Krishnanunni Jithendra Kumar
Marketing & Business Development
Kulpreet Singh, DRDS Film Production
Kulpreet Singh
HOD Jury Board
Sahil Verma CEO and Founder DRDS Film Production
Sahil Devraj Verma

Sahil Verma, the exceptional CEO and Founder of DRDS Films, has shaped the company's success with dedication and innovative ideas. Currently pursuing a Master's degree in Expanded Media in Germany, Sahil  Verma brings previous experience in filmmaking and collaborations with production houses in India. As the CEO and Founder, As an inspiring leader, he leads the team in crafting exceptional films that possess the profound potential to positively influence and transform lives.Sahil possesses a unique blend of artistic vision and business acumen, transforming his passion into a thriving enterprise. His journey is a testament to his remarkable talent and unwavering determination, leaving an indelible mark on the film industry.


Sahil Verma's start journey as the CEO and Founder of DRDS Films is a testament to his remarkable talent, unwavering determination, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Through his leadership, creativity, and unbridled passion, he remains instrumental in propelling the company's achievements forward and leaving an enduring imprint on the film industry, not just within Germany, but on a global scale.

CEO & Founder

Robin Gijwal, the 3D maestro contributing his talents to DRDS Films. Robin seamlessly merges his expertise in Autodesk Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter, and more, crafting a digital odyssey amid the wizardry of computer graphics and acute artistic intuition. Recognized for his precision and cutting-edge finesse in 3D design, Robin boasts accolades from collaborations on renowned games like FIFA 2024, WWE 2020, WWE 2021, and the iconic Diablo 1.

Armed with virtuosity in industry-standard software and a penchant for the avant-garde, Robin breathes life into 3D experiences that echo the distinctive storytelling finesse unique to DRDS Films. Functioning as a multitasking virtuoso, Robin not only navigates but excels in handling multiple projects simultaneously, showcasing exceptional organizational prowess. In Robin's hands, DRDS Films' visual productions transcend the realm of mere creation; they metamorphose into immersive experiences, establishing a new standard of excellence in the industry.

Robin Gijwal
3D Artist
Krishnanunni Jithendra Kumar, DRDS Film Production
    Krishnanunni             Jithendra Kumar
Marketing & Business Development

Krishnanunni (Krishna) Jithendra Kumar brings his exceptional skills and expertise as an accomplished architect and urban development expert to our DRDS film production company. With a deep understanding of the power of storytelling, Krishna leverages this art form to drive both social and business impact.His diverse skill set, encompassing architecture, client management, design presentations, and project management, allows him to consistently deliver outstanding results.Krishnanunni role as the lead in Business and Market Development, Krishna plays a crucial part in spearheading the growth and expansion of DRDS Films Production.With his strategic mindset, he develops and executes effective marketing strategies that ensure the sustained success of DRDS Films  Productions.Krishnanunni (Krishna) Jithendra Kumar's contributions to DRDS Films Productions go beyond his exceptional architectural and urban development expertise. His visionary approach, innovative thinking, and passion for storytelling combine to create impactful films that leave a lasting impression on audiences.

Kulpreet Singh, DRDS Film Production
Kulpreet Singh
HOD Jury Board

Kulpreet Singh is a Patiala-based artist, who completed his bachelors in Fine Arts, Political Science & Physical Education from Punjabi University, Patiala (2006). His early practice was largely devoted to landscape studies and portraits, and during this time he won several competitions in cartooning. While always driven by the need to explore the transformative power of art in society, it was only in 2010 that he started exploring the social angle to art making which led him to doing his masters in Fine Arts, also from Punjabi University. He has since been engaged in bringing together performance and film with other mediums such as drawing, printmaking and installation.

Kulpreet Singh expertise and dedication make him an invaluable member of DRDS Films HOD jury board. His profound artistic expressions and commitment to exploring societal issues through his work bring a unique perspective to DRDS Film production.With his remarkable talent and unwavering passion, Kulpreet Singh continues to inspire and contribute to the advancement of the art and film industry.As a member of DRDS Films HOD jury board, he brings his wealth of experience, critical eye, and unique perspective to the table, ensuring that DRDS Films production remains at the forefront of artistic innovation.


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